Massage Therapists' Pledge


  • I dedicate myself selessly to fullling my calling to serve my patients.
  • I put my patients first and always place their interests above my own.
  • I utilize my knowledge, skills and professional judgment to actively benet my patients and to safeguard them from harm.
  • I respect my patient's humanity and their moral right to be treated equally and fairly in receiving massage therapy care.
  • I am a responsible and accountable duciary of the public trust in me as a healthcare professional.
  • I commit myself to continuous learning and development of my knowledge and skills.
  • I commit myself to providing quality massage therapy care and advancing the practice of the profession.
  • I commit myself to maintaining and fostering the honor and dignity of my profession.
  • I commit to my best effort with sincerity and delity at all times.
  • I make this commitment as a healthcare professional to my patients, society, my profession and myself.

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