Award for Excellence in Research and Interpretive Studies"
"5th Annual Competition"

As part of its dedication to excellence in massage therapy education and to further the studying and development of high caliber interpretive research by student, the CCMTS is pleased to announce the fifth annual award competition.”


“Research/Interpretive Studies Paper Competition”



The Award:
-This award recognizes the student’s ability to "interpret existing research".
-It does not require specific research activity by the student.


In establishing this award, the CCMTS encourages its member schools and students to engage in the practice of research and interpretive studies and to experience the benefits of critical evaluation, as it relates to the profession of massage therapy.


The winning paper will be recognized and published on the CCMTS website. In addition, the student will receive a $300 honorarium and a commemorative plaque.


Time Lines:

  • Eligibility: Research papers prepared between:

June 16th 2014 through May 31st 2015


  • Entries must be submitted no later than June 15th 2015.


Poster Download.



For additional information contact:

Doug Fairweather

Chair, Research Award Committee


Click here to download the Research and Interpretive Studies Submission Form.
Click here for the instructions.