Massage Therapy Canada, 2nd Annual Canadian Massage Therapy Schools 2012/2013 Guide.

Sept. 2014

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May 2010


CCMTS Book Review Service


The CCMTS provides a Book Review Service for authors and publishers that wish to have textbooks for the massage therapy profession at the entry to practice level reviewed and considered for recommendation by the CCMTS.  


At the CCMTS we are committed to supporting educators in finding and selecting the best texts in the industry to guide our classroom learning experience and competently build the body of knowledge of massage therapy.  We believe that textbook selection should be founded in clear and objective criteria based on subject expertise, competence in the delivery of subject knowledge, support resources and cost-effectiveness.


Through a published list of recommended textbooks, the outcome of this service is intended to assist CCMTS member schools in the selection of textbooks that will form the foundation of classroom instruction and best support and promote curriculum objectives. 


The CCMTS list of recommend textbooks will also be made available to Canadian provincial regulatory bodies.  Others that can benefit from the CCMTS recommendation list include professional associations and individual practitioners.




May 2010


The Annual CCMTS Award for Student Excellence in Research and Interpretive Studies


The CCMTS is pleased to announce the launching of its student research award as of May 2010.  The award has been established to encourage CCMTS member schools and their students to become engaged in the values and benefits of research and to foster recognition for the necessity of critical evaluation of research, publications and health related articles in the massage therapy profession. 


In the development of this award, it is understood that the majority of students will not be in a position to undertake physical evidenced-based research in a formal setting or be able to complete research activities over a prolonged period of time. As such, the proposed award encompasses “Interpretive Studies”.


Students utilizing self-reflection, critical thinking skills and problem-based learning, along with documented technical research and their evaluation of existing published materials on a specific topic of interest to the student, can participate in the award program.


It is the intention of the CCMTS that the award program will advance research training and educational opportunities for students and highlight the importance of applying what they have learned to client care.